About Us

Finally, we are here!

After building a story behind the LoveVibe brand for more than a year now we can proudly step in „live“ mode.

We are so excited and eager to hear your reactions, comments and experience. This is the only way we can learn and offer a better customer experience while retaining our quality of service and professional long term customer relationship. We want YOU to recognize LoveVibe as “a partner you can trust”.

A driving idea is required for every successful partnership:

“to be Europe’s leading & trusted online brand for adult toys“

This vision fuels the passion that we have for our customers, pushing us to provide innovative products and services to uniquely meet their needs.

Our system of values is oriented towards delivering business excellence and providing premium experience to our customers. In order to achieve our vision, we are following our mission: a commitment to offering a discreet, safe, provocative yet playful brand experience that encourages customers to make their ‘...dreams come true’.

We provide standard and exclusive adult industry products and services to our customers, reviving dreams into reality. Just go online and check our adult playground offer.

LoveVibe passion towards meeting customer needs are driven by our:

- Innovation and experience

- Simple and high-quality products and services

- Quality online web and app services

- Unique relationship with customers

- Growth through permanent investment in our products and services

LoveVibe is to be established as a healthy, successful and professional company that is a leader in customer experience and has a loyal customer base. Main objectives are professional customer relationship with customer satisfaction and clear long term strategy while creating value add for the customer.

Our resources and capabilities forms distinctive competencies which enable innovation, efficiency and customer responsiveness, all of which can be leveraged to create a differentiation advantage.

At LoveVibe we really focus to make your dreams come true. If you have any issue please don’t hesitate to send us a message at support@lovevibe.eu. We'll be happy to discreetly assist you on any subject.

Just relax, enjoy playing and share your experience with us.

LoveVibe Ltd.

Coliemore House, Coliemore Road

Dalkey, Co Dublin




Your LoveVibe team!