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Confidentiality Statement

This Statement refers to data collected and located on website

LoveVibe Limited, as the provider of services of internet sale on the stated website, complies with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 of the Republic of Ireland all relevant laws and regulations having purpose of protection of Users’ privacy.

The User of the stated website must be a natural person over 18 years of age or a legal entity on whose behalf the website is used by a natural person over 18 years of age.

By accessing or using the stated website, the User confirms to have read, understood and to agree to all conditions of confidentiality of data and modes of use of the stated website. If the User does not agree with the data from this Statement, he/she is instructed not to access or use the website.

LoveVibe Limited reserves the right at any moment to unilaterally modify the text of this Statement and the User is hereby instructed to get acquainted with the content of this Statement every time he/she accesses the stated website. LoveVibe Limited is not liable for any omissions of the User within the meaning of these instructions.

During the use of the website and for the purposes of ordering and purchase of products, filling the surveys, opening the user account and similar, LoveVibe Limited collects personal data of Users, namely the ones the User presents himself/herself by filling in forms on website, by means of telephone communication, e-mail or similar. This refers to the data which are filled in during the use of website, search of products, ordering of products, communication with customer support by means of direct exchange of messages on-line ("chat"), participation in award winning games, actions and surveys, as well as reporting problems when using website. Such data may refer to name and last name of the User, date of birth, residence address or seat of the company address, e-mail address and telephone numbers, data of bank account and credit cards and data referring to payment authorization and similar.

LoveVibe Limited undertakes to protect personal data of all Users of the website. Only such data of the Users necessary for providing quality service shall be collected. LoveVibe Limited undertakes to treat collected data with special attention, not to make the same accessible to third parties or to use the same in its advertisement messages, for advertisement or action purposes, without an explicit consent of the website User.

All Users’ data are strictly confidential and shall be used exclusively for the purposes of providing services. All employees and business partners of company LoveVibe Limited shall protect personal data of Users.

The User shall have the right to modify at any moment the collected data by sending an e-mail to the address: and giving his /her identity data and with precisely stating which data he/she wishes to amend or modify.

Data which may be collected

Personal data of Users which need to be put at the disposal of the company LoveVibe Limited when using website, are collected exclusively for the purposes of:

• Improving the quality of service,
• Ordering products,
• Informing the Purchasers of special offers and products that may be of his/her interest, exclusively with his/her approval.

The following information may be collected by LoveVibe Limited, but will be anonymized and will not contain any information from which the User can be identified:

• Technical information, including the Internet protocol (IP address of User's computer), login information, including passwords, type and version of browser, data on time zone setting, type and version of browser plug-in, operating system and platforms,

• Data on visits of website by Users, including the full Uniform Resource Locator (URL) „clickstream“ to, through and from our website (including date and time), products which the User viewed or searched for, response time of website, download errors, duration of visits to certain websites, particular web page interaction information (such as scrolling, clicks and mouse-overs), and the methods used to browse away from the web pages as well as any phone number used to call our customer service number.

Storage of Data

Data on Purchaser he/she has given at the disposal and which LoveVibe Limited collects are stored on protected servers. Each payment shall be coded by SSL technology. User name and password given to the User (or created by the User) to access certain parts of the website shall be kept by the User as confidential data, and he/she is liable for disclosure of such data to third persons. It is recommended that the Users do not disclose such data, and to keep passwords they created, as well as to replace

the same with new ones. It is also recommended to the Users not to create passwords with less than six different characters, by combining letters and numbers.

Protection of data transferred by internet is never completely safe. Nonetheless, LoveVibe Limited will do all within its power to protect the Users' personal data, but it cannot warranty protection of data the User writes on the website. The User shall bear the risk for such transfer of data. After LoveVibe Limited receives data from Users, the same shall undertake strict procedures of data protection, that is, all modes of data protection for the purposes of preventing unauthorized access by third persons.


The Seller uses „cookies“ on its website for the purposes of following status of Purchasers' orders, in order for the Purchasers, for the purposes of a new purchase, to be able to adjust their earlier order at any moment, as well as for the purposes of adjusting website content pursuant to experiences of Users of websites.

„Cookies“ are also used for the purposes of following interaction of website Users with the Seller by means of the website itself, as well for the purposes of monitoring the Seller's quality of service.

„Cookies“ do not contain any data which may show the identity of the Purchaser. For detailed technical information on „cookies“ the Users are instructed to read the detailed explanations on the website

Cookies are small parts of information, stored in simple textual files and are installed to your computer by means of website.

During repeated visit the website may read particular cookies.

Data stored in cookies may refer to search habits of the website user of unique identification number so that the website may „remember“ a user during his/her repeated visit to the same website.

The remaining cookies are deleted after you close the browser and concern only the functioning of the website.

In general, cookies do not contain personal data which may identify a user, except if the same has left such information on the website. uses cookies in numerous places:

• When you visit website for the first time, each user will see a message informing him/her of cookies. If you click on "Hide this message“ will set up a cookie which records your behavior

Website sets up a cookie when the user looks at or uses the form „Contact us“. This cookie does not contain any personal data, but is used in order to prevent security attack named „cross-site referral“

• Cookie is also set up in order to make operation of keys which regulate size of text and high definition possible

• Numerous cookies are set up in order to make possible operation with functionality list

• Google cookies may also be set up when Google Maps are set up and shown on website. In majority of browsers you may disable cookies or adjust settings of cookies. In order to learn how to do it, please see menu „Help“ in your browser. Please mind that if you disable cookies or change the settings, some features of may not operate properly.

Correspondence by e-mail

The Seller will contact the Purchaser by e-mail in order to confirm his/her order as well as subsequently in order to acquaint the Purchaser with special offers from its assortment and purchase conveniences.

For the purposes of securing the highest quality service, the Purchaser may subsequently, after completing the order, send an additional e-mail message for the purposes of grading the use of purchase service by means of website of the Seller.

If the Purchaser registers to receive information on new offers from the assortment and benefits (newsletter), the same may at any moment cancel receipt of such contents by pressing a respective key on link for cancellation, which is located at the bottom of each e-mail message received by the Purchaser or by sending such request by means of customer support of the Seller to the e-mail address

Links to other websites (Links)

Website may contain links to other websites, owned and operated by other persons.

LoveVibe Limited does not administer the content or data of such sites, does not give special recommendations for using such sites, does not warranty for the authenticity or content of such sites or protection of data on such sites. Confidentiality Statement refers exclusively to

In case of using website of third persons, the Purchaser/User is recommended to firstly read the rules on protection of data, general terms and conditions and guides for use of certain website which he/she uses. The User is also recommended, independently of using website, to especially assess the authenticity and risks of using any site having its link on the website or the one containing information that it is exactly the website (including the ones whose links are delivered by means of e-mail), and the user shall use such site at his/her own risk.

Amendments to conditions relating to protection of data

Each modification which concerns protection of data and confidentiality shall be published on this website and, depending on possibilities or appropriateness, notification on such amendment shall be delivered to the Purchaser by e-mail.

The Purchaser is advised to regularly (as soon as possible) check whether an up-date or amendments to the conditions of data protection occurred and further on consequences of such amendments.

Purchaser's rights

In compliance with the Law on Protections of Consumers, the Seller for the purposes of protection of confidentiality of personal data particularly undertakes:

• To handle Purchaser's data in compliance with laws and in good faith

• To collect Purchaser's data exclusively for a precisely determined and lawful purposes (use of services facilitated by website and purposes exclusively related to such services), and not to use such data for any other purposes

• Not to forward Purchaser's data to any third party without prior consent of the Purchaser

• Not to forward Purchaser's personal data to countries outside European Economic Community, except in case such country secured the appropriate level of protection of data

• To secure appropriate, safe storage of the Purchaser's personal data, in the manner that the same does not supersede the purposes for which the data have been collected and stored

• To secure accuracy and, when needed, timeliness or up-to-datedness of the Purchaser's personal data

• To secure storage of the Purchaser's personal data only for the period and purposes for which such storage is necessary

• To secure use and processing of the Purchaser's personal data in compliance with the rights of consumers regulated by the Consumer Protection Act 2007 of the Republic of Ireland

• To undertake all necessary and appropriate technical and organizational measures for the purposes of preventing destruction, damaging or loss of the Purchaser's personal data

In compliance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 of the Republic of Ireland the Purchaser shall have the right to check his/her personal data stored with the Seller. The same may be undertaken by means of a written request to have personal data checked, and the costs of such request will be charged by the Seller in the amount of EUR 20 for each such request.