Return Policy

Return Policy

LoveVibe Limited



The manufacturer warranties within the warranty period that the product is faultless and functioning if used correctly and in compliance with instructions. Warranty, technical instructions, instructions for assembly, instructions for use, warning on potential hazards during use of products and a list of authorized repairers are delivered with the product, and the Purchaser shall be considered to be informed of these facts in clear and understandable terms in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act 2007 and Sections 15–19 of the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 of the Republic of Ireland.

At the request of the Purchaser during warranty period, the Seller, at its own cost, shall remedy any material defects and technical malfunctions of the product that appeared during warranty period, under condition that the product was used correctly and in compliance with delivered instructions. If the same defect would occur within 45 days upon delivery of the product, after having remedied the defect, the Seller shall deliver new same or corresponding product (as agreed with the Purchaser).

The Seller undertakes to secure spare parts for the purchased product during the warranty period (which commences from the date of purchase), and at latest within 7 years from the date of purchase.

All products purchased in web store on webpage shall have a warranty of at least one year. Majority products have warranty of more than one year depending on the warranty given by the Manufacturer of a particular product.

Warranty document is an integral part of the package of the ordered product. The Purchaser shall keep the warranty document during the whole duration of the warranty period together with the original invoice for the product. Invoice and warranty document represent only documents pursuant to which the Purchaser may realize his/her warranty right.
Objection and replacement of products

For material defects of things sold at its website the Seller is liable pursuant to laws and regulations in effect, particularly Companies Act 2014 of the Republic of Ireland.

The Purchaser shall have the right to an objection and replacement of product within 15 days from the moment of receipt of delivered goods at the address specified in the order. The Seller shall replace the product by the same or similar product, within the same category, price and quality. The Purchaser shall return the product, which is the object of the objection, to the Seller in its original packaging, unopened, unused, undamaged, with all pertaining parts (with remote control, AC adapter, instruction for use, batteries and similar), and functioning.

Products which contain visible damages, products that the Purchaser attempted to repair or exchange, products that are damaged or destroyed due to incorrect connecting to power source or incorrect handling, and products which are not in original packaging, or which due to health or hygienic reasons are not suitable to be returned, but are unsealed or unpackaged after delivery – may not be replaced.

Upon expiration of 15 days term, the products may be fixed at the authorized repairer, on grounds of a justified request of the Purchaser. The list of authorized repairers is an integral part of warranty document delivered to the Purchaser together with the purchased product.

The Purchaser shall have the right to return the product in the event that:
• He/she was delivered product he/she did not order,
• The product has a flaw which was not caused during delivery.

The decision on objections filed by the Purchaser to the Seller within 15 days from the delivery of the purchased product shall be taken by the Seller and the objections filed by the Purchaser after expiration of the stated deadline shall be responsibility of the authorized repairer from the list which is integral part of the warranty document. Upon filing the objection the product shall be repaired within a reasonable term, and if that is not possible, the Seller shall deliver to the Purchaser a new product in original, undamaged packaging, in compliance with conditions of Manufacturer's warranty in effect.

The Purchaser shall have no right to request the product to be replaced if the same is not returned in original packaging and if the same lacks any of the original pertaining parts, if the product was subject to intervention in the sense of a repair or modification, as well as if the product was damaged due to improper handling. Products will be replaced only if returned unused, which means that the Purchaser did not wear, clean or wash them and if the same contain original labeling and stickers.

Products considered to be irrecoverable and irreplaceable, especially products of intimate nature, including sex toys, stockings, underwear, wigs, bondage equipment, foodstuff, products for oral use, magazines and similar, and other products which due to health or hygienic reasons are not suitable for exchange, may not be exchanged.

Products sold in sets or kits may be replaced only if returned in whole package. The Purchaser may not request the exchange of a single product from a package or kit. If the set or kit contains an object of intimate nature, the same must be returned in unused condition and original packaging.

Seller's contact data and address for return and replacement of products:

LoveVibe Ltd.
Cire Truhelke 21
10000 Zagreb
Republic of Croatia
PIN: 12662141528
E-mail address:

Repair of products

In the event a product needs to be repaired, the Purchaser needs to check the documentation delivered with the product in order to determine authorized repairers and to follow instructions of an authorized repairer.

If a product is defective, does not correspond to its description on website or does not fulfil the Purchaser's expectation, it is possible to replace the product or cancel the order within 14 days from the date the product has been received. Upon expiration of 14 days, the Purchaser is instructed to contact an authorized repairer in compliance with instruction on warranty document.

If defects of a product are to be found during the warranty period (which does not include defects determined during delivery or which appeared within 14 days from the date of delivery), the Purchaser is instructed to contact an authorized repairer in compliance with instructions on the warranty document.

Purchaser's written objection

In compliance with the Consumer Protection Act 2007 of the Republic of Ireland, in case an objection was filed to the purchased product, the Purchaser may file a written objection to the Seller by registered mail or to the e-mail address of the customer support The Seller shall without delay confirm in written form the receipt of received written objection.

The Seller shall reply to the written objection in written form within 15 days from the date objection was received.

In the event the objection is grounded, the Seller shall replace the purchased product or return the purchase price and delivery costs, in compliance with other provisions of LoveVibe Ltd. General Terms and Conditions.