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LoveVibe Limited


General Provisions

Company LoveVibe Limited provides information society services online by means of its web-page under the domain name www.LoveVibe.eu. The service includes internet sale of goods and services, offering data on the internet, advertisement on the internet, electronic browser as well as the possibility to search data and services which are transmitted by electronic network, which facilitate access to the network or store users' data, and content management of the concerned website and execution of financial transactions.

These General Terms and Conditions determine conditions and rules under which the Users may use the quoted website. General Terms and Conditions are published in English language.

For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions the User of the information society services is any natural person over 18 years of age or legal entity on whose behalf the website is used by a natural person over 18 years of age.

By using the website the User agrees with the General Terms and Conditions and undertakes to use the quoted website exclusively in compliance with the same.

The website User uses the website in his/her name and on his/her behalf, and is not authorized to transfer the right to use the website to any other natural persons or legal entities. The User is personally liable to protect the confidentiality of passwords which are necessary for using the website.

LoveVibe Limited hereby undertakes to protect the confidentiality of the personal data of the website's Users.

For the purposes of technical or other issues related to maintenance of its website, LoveVibe Limited retains the right to disable the same website or to hider access to the same, what may result in disruption of services for which the company LoveVibe Limited shall not be liable. In such case, as in all other cases of disruption of services for which the company LoveVibe Limited is not responsible, the same cannot be liable for any loss of the personal data of the website's Users. The User agrees that the use of the website depends on the internet access, that is, availability of network.

Company LoveVibe Limited reserves the right to modify or discontinue, at any time, any of its segment of business, conditions of sale as well as conditions for use of the website, including the mode and speed of data transfer.

Company LoveVibe Limited reserves the right, at any time and without prior notification, to modify any of here stated General Terms and Conditions and/or Confidentiality Statement. By each access to the website the User agrees to currently valid General Terms and Condition and Declaration of Confidentiality, which are published on the same website.

Website is exclusively owned by company LoveVibe Limited. It is prohibited to the User, by means of this website, to publish or transfer any data which may endanger or restrict third parties' rights, or which imply inappropriate or illegal acts, especially those that would imply violation of privacy of third parties, offensive and discriminatory contents or advertisement of third parties.

All data on the website, including website design and complete visual identity of company LoveVibe Limited are exclusive right of the same company, and it is prohibited to copy, distribute, transfer, publish, connect or in any other way to modify the website without explicit approval of company LoveVibe Limited Any access in violation of this ban is subject to misdemeanor, criminal and/or material liability. Company LoveVibe Limited reserves the right to modify, adjust, change, delete or remove and such content.

Also, company LoveVibe Limited is authorized to monitor grading, comments, messages and other Users' communication without their explicit approval and prior notice.

Company LoveVibe Limited, in case of any unacceptable behavior of the User while using the website as well as in the event of non-compliance with the General Terms and Conditions, is authorized to terminate business relationship with the User, discontinue his/her user account including deletion of data of such account, as well as to use legal remedies in order to protect its rights.

The User is authorized to receive, print and store materials from this website solely for the purposes of his/her own use.

The User is authorized to use the website exclusively under his/her own responsibility and company LoveVibe Limited does not warranty for the consequences that may arise from the use of this website, accuracy, reliability or content of any information or goods published on the same website.

Communication between the User and the company shall be in written form (e-mail or registered mail), and objections and complaints shall be delivered within the deadlines prescribed by law.

Company LoveVibe Limited is a distributor of contents published on the website; therefore it does not warranty for the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or appropriateness of any content nor any of its individual characteristics. The company is not liable for any eventual damage that may arise from User’s personal evaluation regarding contents published on the website.

Company LoveVibe Limited is registered with The Registar of Companies of Dublin, Republic of Ireland, and the same operates under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Ireland and European Union. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the use of website and these General Terms and Condition shall be settled in an amicable way by the Parties, in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act 2007 of the Republic of Ireland and other applicable laws and regulations in effect in the territory of the Republic of Ireland. Should this not be possible, the matter shall be referred to the competent Court of Republic of Ireland.

User whose residence or seat of the company is in the territory of an EU Member State is referred the possibility to settle any dispute by means of Dispute Resolution Bodies in the EU, in compliance with provisions of European Commission Decision No 534/2013, or by means of webpage: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.show&lng=EN

Terms and Conditions of Sale

The Seller is company LoveVibe Limited from Dublin, Co Dalkey, Republic of Ireland, Coliemore House, Coliemore Road, registered with The Registar of Companies in Dublin, incorporated under the Companies Act 2014, Company number: 602412, bank account No. - IBAN: IE72BOFI90496637953577, contact: +385 91 9790099, e-mail: support@lovevibe.eu.

The Purchaser is a person who made an electronic order of products on the website www.LoveVibe.eu, accepted the General Terms and Conditions, signed the Age Statement and successfully made the payment of the purchase price and delivery expenses.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions the Purchasers are:

• Persons who buy specific product, that is, go through necessary procedure of purchasing without registration,
• Persons who created their special user account and for the purposes of the same submitted their personal data (the stated persons are considered to be potential Purchasers), and
• Persons who register as "Premium members" and pay the membership fee, that is, a subscription, pursuant to which they have additional advantages for purchase of products.

The purchaser may only be a natural person of age (aged 18 and older) or legal entity on behalf of which a sale and purchase contract is entered into by an authorized natural person of age (aged 18 or older), provided that when ordering products an Age Statement is signed under material and criminal liability.


Languages used for communication on the website is English.


Prices are expressed in EUR, include value added tax (VAT) in the amount of 23% and are effective nonetheless the mode of payment at the moment of the purchase. The price of goods has been determined for each product separately. The prices of products and expenses do not contain expenses of using computer, mobile phone or any other technical equipment of the Purchaser, nor expenses of using internet for the purposes of the sale and purchase.


Order is made on a particular special form visible on the webpage. The order is considered done if the Purchaser orders at least one product, fills in all the necessary data and confirms the order according to the instructions set forth.

The Purchaser is liable for the accuracy and authenticity of all personal data, especially for: name and last name, delivery address and e-mail address, thus assuming the risk for the consequences that may arise from providing inaccurate or deficient data.

We would kindly ask you to follow below instructions when ordering:

• Register by opening your user account or sign in to the previously opened user account.
• Select one or more products, add them to shopping basket and choose the quantity.
• By pressing the corresponding key choose one of the options „purchase“ or „sign out“, and follow further instructions.
• Choose the mode of delivery of products. If you choose delivery at home address, delivery costs will be added automatically in the order along the price of the product.
• By pressing the corresponding key, choose the mode of payment. Possible modes of payment are:

    -  Card payment, credit and debit cards (MasterCard, Maestro, Visa and Diners),
    -  PayPal service.

    • If you have chosen card payment as the mode of payment, the system will automatically open an electronic form for verification and payment authorization. Fill in the form with necessary data and by pressing the corresponding key confirm completion of the order. At that moment your payment will be registered.
    • After the order has been confirmed, you will receive at your e-mail address a purchase confirmation with the invoice containing the specification of your purchase.
    • Delivery of purchase product will be done after the payment is visible at the bank account of the Seller. In case of card payment, the delivery will be done after a successfully completed order.

In the event the paid product is not available or it is not possible to deliver it to the Purchaser within the assigned deadline, LoveVibe Limited will contact the Purchaser as soon as possible and offer him/her the possibility of additional delivery term, exchange for other corresponding product or return of paid purchase price.

Website is updated several times a day in order to inform the Purchasers of currently available products from the assortment; however, it may occur that certain product is not currently available or will be replaced with new similar version of the same product. For additional information on availability of products, we advise you to contact customer support of company LoveVibe Limited by e-mail address: support@lovevibe.eu.

LoveVibe Limited ensures that delivery for all orders in the amount of 80,00 eur (including tax) or larger is completely free of charge.

Company LoveVibe Limited reserves the right to modify the conditions of sale without prior notification. Such modification will not refer to any already received orders, but only those which will be made after modified conditions have been published.


Photographs and descriptions of products have been obtained from Manufacturers/Suppliers, or are taken over from websites, and the same do not necessarily have to be identical to the product itself. LoveVibe Limited seeks to describe the products as closely as possible and to set forth their characteristics. The company distances itself from possible errors in photographs and descriptions of products. Prices, payment conditions and special offers are valid exclusively at the moment of ordering and/or payment, and may be modified without prior notice.


Contract, order or invoice for particular product contains the following data:
• Data on Purchaser and Seller who receives the order,
• Name of offered product or service,
• Main features of products or services,
• Retail price of products or services, including all taxes and other expenses,
• Delivery price,
• Mode of payment, delivery conditions and commission for service,
• Offered after-sale services (maintenance and spare parts),
• Product or service warranty,
• Purchaser's right to terminate the sale and purchase contract, conditions and terms of termination,
• Cases of nullity of termination of contract,
• Additional costs of remote communication (charged besides those specified on basic price list),
• Offer or price validity period,
• Contact data.


The manufacturer warranties within the warranty period that the product is faultless and functioning if used correctly and in compliance with instructions. Warranty, technical instructions, instructions for assembly, instructions for use, warning on potential hazards during use of products and a list of authorized repairers are delivered with the product, and the Purchaser shall be considered to be informed of these facts in clear and understandable terms in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act 2007 and Sections 15–19 of the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980 of the Republic of Ireland.

At the request of the Purchaser during warranty period, the Seller, at its own cost, shall remedy any material defects and technical malfunctions of the product that appeared during warranty period, under condition that the product was used correctly and in compliance with delivered instructions. If the same defect would occur within 45 days upon delivery of the product, after having remedied the defect, the Seller shall deliver new same or corresponding product (as agreed with the Purchaser).

The Seller undertakes to secure spare parts for the purchased product during the warranty period (which commences from the date of purchase), and at latest within 7 years from the date of purchase.

All products purchased in web store on webpage www.LoveVibe.eu shall have a warranty of at least one year. Majority products have warranty of more than one year depending on the warranty given by the Manufacturer of a particular product.

Warranty document is an integral part of the package of the ordered product. The Purchaser shall keep the warranty document during the whole duration of the warranty period together with the original invoice for the product. Invoice and warranty document represent only documents pursuant to which the Purchaser may realize his/her warranty right.

Duration and termination of sale and purchase contract

The Purchaser shall have the right, without providing any reasons, to terminate unilaterally the sale and purchase contract within 14 days from the purchase. Deadline for terminating commences from the date the product has been delivered to the Purchaser. If the Purchaser ordered with one order more products which have to be delivered separately, or if the goods are delivered in several pieces or shipments, this deadline commences on the day the Purchaser has been delivered the last piece or shipment of goods.

The Purchaser, prior to expiration of the term for unilateral termination of sale and purchase contact, shall notify the Seller of his/her decision to terminate the contract, by means of a form for unilateral termination of sale and purchase contract or by means of any other unambiguous statement expressing his/her will to terminate the contract. The stated form or statement may be submitted to the Seller electronically by means of e-mail address support@lovevibe.eu. Upon receipt of the statement on termination of contract, the Seller shall without any delay deliver, in written from, a certificate on receipt of the statement on termination, by means of e-mail to the address the Purchaser specified in the form for unilateral termination of contract or any other statement delivered to the Seller in compliance with these General Terms and Conditions.

Standard information form for unilateral termination may be downloaded at this link.

In the event the Purchaser, prior to termination of contract, has paid the product and received the purchased product, each party shall restitute in case of termination to the other party all it received on grounds of the contract. The Purchaser shall not compensate for any expenses which would arise from his/her right to terminate the contract, except for expenses that may be consequence of his/her particular choice of the mode of transport for the return of the product, which differs from the most convenient type of standard transport offered by the Seller.

In the event of unilateral termination of sale and purchase contract, the Purchaser shall return the product (ship the goods or deliver them directly to the Seller) without any delay and at latest within 14 days from the day he/she notified the Seller of his/her decision to terminate the contract, except if the Seller offered to take over personally the goods to be returned by the Purchaser. The Purchaser shall bear only direct costs of returning the goods.

The Purchaser shall be liable for any decrease in the value of goods that results from handling of goods, except the one that was necessary for determining the nature and features of the goods. The product must be returned in original packaging, unopened, unused, undamaged, with all pertaining parts and functioning.

If the purchased Product, at the moment of termination, has not been shipped to the Purchaser, or is with the Seller, the Seller shall return the paid amount without any delay and at latest within 30 days. If the product, at the moment of termination, has been shipped to the Purchaser, the Seller shall return the paid amount without any delay and at latest within 30 days from the date the goods have been returned.

Exclusion of the right to unilateral termination of sale and purchase contract

The Purchaser shall have no right to unilateral termination of sale and purchase contract if:

    the product are goods whose price is dependent on changes in the financial market beyond the control of the Seller and which can occur during the Purchaser's right to a unilateral termination,
    the product are goods made according to the Purchaser's specification or clearly adapted to the Purchaser,
    the product is perishable or with short expiry date,
    the product is sealed or in any other way packaged in special packaging and, due to medical or hygiene
    reasons is not suitable for return, and it was unsealed or unpackaged after delivery,
    the product is a sealed or in any other way packaged audio recording or video recording that was unsealed after delivery,
    the product is newspapers, periodical press or magazine,
    the product was obtained by means of game of chance.

Objection and replacement of products

For material defects of things sold at its website the Seller is liable pursuant to laws and regulations in effect, particularly Companies Act 2014 of the Republic of Ireland.

The Purchaser shall have the right to an objection and replacement of product within 15 days from the moment of receipt of delivered goods at the address specified in the order. The Seller shall replace the product by the same or similar product, within the same category, price and quality. The Purchaser shall return the product, which is the object of the objection, to the Seller in its original packaging, unopened, unused, undamaged, with all pertaining parts (with remote control, AC adapter, instruction for use, batteries and similar), and functioning.

Products which contain visible damages, products that the Purchaser attempted to repair or exchange, products that are damaged or destroyed due to incorrect connecting to power source or incorrect handling, and products which are not in original packaging, or which due to health or hygienic reasons are not suitable to be returned, but are unsealed or unpacked after delivery – may not be replaced.

Upon expiration of 15 days term, the products may be fixed at the authorized repairer, on grounds of a justified request of the Purchaser. The list of authorized repairers is an integral part of warranty document delivered to the Purchaser together with the purchased product.

The Purchaser shall have the right to return the product in the event that:
• He/she was delivered product he/she did not order,
• The product has a flaw which was not caused during delivery.

The decision on objections filed by the Purchaser to the Seller within 15 days from the delivery of the purchased product shall be taken by the Seller and the objections filed by the Purchaser after expiration of the stated deadline shall be responsibility of the authorized repairer from the list which is integral part of the warranty document. Upon filing the objection the product shall be repaired within a reasonable term, and if that is not possible, the Seller shall deliver to the Purchaser a new product in original, undamaged packaging, in compliance with conditions of Manufacturer's warranty in effect.

The Purchaser shall have no right to request the product to be replaced if the same is not returned in original packaging and if the same lacks any of the original pertaining parts, if the product was subject to intervention in the sense of a repair or modification, as well as if the product was damaged due to improper handling. Products will be replaced only if returned unused, which means that the Purchaser did not wear, clean or wash them and if the same contain original labeling and stickers.

Products considered to be irrecoverable and irreplaceable, especially products of intimate nature, including sex toys, stockings, underwear, wigs, bondage equipment, foodstuff, products for oral use, magazines and similar, and other products which due to health or hygienic reasons are not suitable for exchange, may not be exchanged.

Products sold in sets or kits may be replaced only if returned in whole package. The Purchaser may not request the exchange of a single product from a package or kit. If the set or kit contains an object of intimate nature, the same must be returned in unused condition and original packaging.

Seller's contact data and address for return and replacement of products:

LoveVibe Ltd.
Cire Truhelke 21
10000 Zagreb
Republic of Croatia
PIN: 12662141528
E-mail address: support@lovevibe.eu


LoveVibe Limited distributes the products by means of suppliers whose seat of the company and main warehouse is in The Netherlands.

Product delivery process commences after the order and payment have been effectuated. The order shall be effectuated within 1 to 7 business days, whereof the Purchaser shall be timely notified. Exceptionally, different delivery terms are possible for the territory of The Netherlands.

Delivery term depends on availability of product at the moment of purchase and on the place of delivery of the product.

LoveVibe Limited is not liable for any case of delay in delivery caused by Deliverer or delivery service (loss of product during delivery, damage caused by Deliverer, return of product to the Seller prior to delivery to the Purchaser and similar). Ordered products will be delivered to the Purchaser subsequently, after the reason for such delay has been determined unambiguously.

The Seller operates by means of web shop and collaborates with Suppliers in compliance with their mutual contractual relations. Therefore, some products may not be delivered to Purchasers in all countries. Under description of each product it is specified whether the same may be delivered to Purchasers in particular countries, data on prices, as well as data on availability of customer service by means of e-mail address support@lovevibe.eu, for the purposes of more detailed information.
For the purposes of its web shop operations, the Seller uses the standard mode of delivery as well as a direct delivery to the Purchaser by the Seller. Direct delivery is a delivery of a product directly to the Purchaser from the Supplier's warehouse to the Purchaser's address. In this way the product is delivered to the Purchaser faster, safer and more discreet.

Conditions of Delivery

For the purposes of securing better communication between the Purchaser and the delivery service, the Seller forwards to the stated service the phone number of the Purchaser as specified by the Purchaser during registration/order.

In the event the Purchaser requires delivery of product by means of a particular delivery service, he/she shall specify so during ordering. In such case the Seller shall contact the chosen delivery service and independently agree upon details of delivery.

Delivery shall be made to the door of the Purchaser. It is not possible to require the delivery service to be changed if the product has already been shipped.

Ordered products are packaged in the way so that the same cannot be damaged during normal handling.

During takeover of the product, the Purchaser undertakes to examine the state of the package, and in case the package is damaged to report such damage immediately to the Deliverer or to the person who effectuated the delivery. The Seller recommends that the Purchaser does not take over such damaged packages, but to notify the Seller immediately of the condition of the package that arrived.

The Seller shall not be liable for any damage to the product which occurred during delivery.

In the event the Purchaser orders the goods and refuse to receive the same for no reason whatsoever (packaging is not damaged), the Seller shall have the right to withhold from the amount of paid purchase price the amount of direct expenses of the return of the product.

The Seller uses standard and direct modes of delivery due to which some products may be shipped from different warehouses nonetheless there was only one order and purchase of more products simultaneously. During internet purchase the Purchaser will be timely notified of such case, during checking the order status, since in such case it is possible that the amount of final delivery costs is changed.

In the event the Purchaser did not receive the product within the expected deadline, or that he/she was not issued a notification on attempted but unsuccessful delivery, the Purchaser shall notify the Seller of the same in order to have the status of delivery checked and delivery repeated, by means of customer support to the e-mail address support@lovevibe.eu.
The delivery is made on business days (Monday to Friday), and on Saturdays and Sundays when possible, depending on working hours of each Deliverer.

Products ordered on business days until 14:00h shall be shipped on the same day. Products ordered after 14:00h shall be shipped on the following day. Products ordered on Fridays after 14:00h shall be shipped the following Monday.

If possible, and depending on Deliverer's service, the Purchaser, immediately upon the product has been shipped, will be notified by e-mail of the shipment number by means of which he/she may follow delivery status.

If the Purchaser received a notification on attempted but unsuccessful delivery, we kindly ask the Purchaser to contact directly the Deliverer's service and submit the data from the notification, since only the Purchaser is authorized to arrange a new delivery of the product.

Inability to deliver

In the event it is impossible to deliver the product since the stock is out or the same may not be ordered from the supplier, the Seller undertakes to notify the Purchaser of the same in written form, whereupon the Purchaser may cancel the order or terminate the contract, but this only after an additional reasonable deadline has been left to the Seller to deliver the ordered product.

If the Purchaser cancels the order, the Seller undertakes to return to the Purchaser the paid amount of purchase price and paid delivery costs, as soon as possible and at latest within 30 days from the date the order was cancelled.

Repair of products

In the event a product needs to be repaired, the Purchaser needs to check the documentation delivered with the product in order to determine authorized repairers and to follow instructions of an authorized repairer.

If a product is defective, does not correspond to its description on website or does not fulfil the Purchaser's expectation, it is possible to replace the product or cancel the order within 14 days from the date the product has been received. Upon expiration of 14 days, the Purchaser is instructed to contact an authorized repairer in compliance with instruction on warranty document.

If defects of a product are to be found during the warranty period (which does not include defects determined during delivery or which appeared within 14 days from the date of delivery), the Purchaser is instructed to contact an authorized repairer in compliance with instructions on the warranty document.

Purchaser's written objection

In compliance with the Consumer Protection Act 2007 of the Republic of Ireland, in case an objection was filed to the purchased product, the Purchaser may file a written objection to the Seller by registered mail or to the e-mail address of the customer support support@lovevibe.eu. The Seller shall without delay confirm in written form the receipt of received written objection.

The Seller shall reply to the written objection in written form within 15 days from the date objection was received.

In the event the objection is grounded, the Seller shall replace the purchased product or return the purchase price and delivery costs, in compliance with other provisions of these General Terms and Conditions.

Disposal of personal data

Regarding disposal of personal data on this website, LoveVibe Limited instructs the Users to read and study in detail the Confidentiality Statement.


The Seller uses „cookies“ on its website for the purposes of following status of Purchasers' orders, in order for the Purchasers, for the purposes of a new purchase, to be able to adjust their earlier order at any moment, as well as for the purposes of adjusting website content pursuant to experiences of Users of websites.

„Cookies“ are also used for the purposes of following interaction of website Users with the Seller by means of the website itself, as well for the purposes of monitoring the Seller's quality of service.
„Cookies“ do not contain any data which may show the identity of the Purchaser. For detailed technical information on „cookies“ the Users are instructed to read the detailed explanations on the website www.LoveVibe.eu.
Cookies are small parts of information, stored in simple textual files and are installed to your computer by means of website.
During repeated visit the website may read particular cookies.
Data stored in cookies may refer to search habits of the website user of unique identification number so that the website may „remember“ a user during his/her repeated visit to the same website.
The remaining cookies are deleted after you close the browser and concern only the functioning of the website.
In general, cookies do not contain personal data which may identify a user, except if the same has left such information on the website.
www.LoveVibe.eu uses cookies in numerous places:

When you visit website www.LoveVibe.eu for the first time, each user will see a message informing him/her of cookies. If you click on "Hide this message“ www.LoveVibe.eu will set up a cookie which records your behavior
Website sets up a cookie when the user looks at or uses the form „Contact us“. This cookie does not contain any personal data, but is used in order to prevent security attack named „cross-site referral“
Cookie is also set up in order to make operation of keys which regulate size of text and high definition possible
Numerous cookies are set up in order to make possible operation with functionality list

Google cookies may also be set up when Google Maps are set up and shown on website. In majority of browsers you may disable cookies or adjust settings of cookies. In order to learn how to do it, please see menu „Help“ in your browser. Please mind that if you disable cookies or change the settings, some features of www.LoveVibe.eu may not operate properly.

Correspondence by e-mail

The Seller will contact the Purchaser by e-mail in order to confirm his/her order as well as subsequently in order to acquaint the Purchaser with special offers from its assortment and purchase conveniences.

For the purposes of securing the highest quality service, the Purchaser may subsequently, after completing the order, send an additional e-mail message for the purposes of grading the use of purchase service by means of website of the Seller.

If the Purchaser registers to receive information on new offers from the assortment and benefits (newsletter), the same may at any moment cancel receipt of such contents by pressing a respective key on link for cancellation, which is located at the bottom of each e-mail message received by the Purchaser or by sending such request by means of customer support of the Seller to the e-mail address support@lovevibe.eu.

Links to other websites (Links)

Website www.LoveVibe.eu may contain links to other websites, owned and operated by other persons.

LoveVibe Limited does not administer the content or data of such sites, does not give special recommendations for using such sites, does not warranty for the authenticity or content of such sites or protection of data on such sites. Confidentiality Statement refers exclusively to www.LoveVibe.eu.

In case of using website of third persons, the Purchaser/User is recommended to firstly read the rules on protection of data, general terms and conditions and guides for use of certain website which he/she uses. The User is also recommended, independently of using website www.LoveVibe.eu, to especially assess the authenticity and risks of using any site having its link on the website www.LoveVibe.eu or the one containing information that it is exactly the website www.LoveVibe.eu (including the ones whose links are delivered by means of e-mail), and the user shall use such site at his/her own risk.

Amendments to conditions relating to protection of data

Each modification which concerns protection of data and confidentiality shall be published on this website and, depending on possibilities or appropriateness, notification on such amendment shall be delivered to the Purchaser by e-mail.

The Purchaser is advised to regularly (as soon as possible) check whether an up-date or amendments to the conditions of data protection occurred and further on consequences of such amendments.

Purchaser's rights

In compliance with the Law on Protections of Consumers, the Seller for the purposes of protection of confidentiality of personal data particularly undertakes:

• To handle Purchaser's data in compliance with laws and in good faith
• To collect Purchaser's data exclusively for a precisely determined and lawful purposes (use of services facilitated by website and purposes exclusively related to such services), and not to use such data for any other purposes
• Not to forward Purchaser's data to any third party without prior consent of the Purchaser
• Not to forward Purchaser's personal data to countries outside European Economic Community, except in case such country secured the appropriate level of protection of data
• To secure appropriate, safe storage of the Purchaser's personal data, in the manner that the same does not supersede the purposes for which the data have been collected and stored
• To secure accuracy and, when needed, timeliness or up-to-datedness of the Purchaser's personal data
• To secure storage of the Purchaser's personal data only for the period and purposes for which such storage is necessary
• To secure use and processing of the Purchaser's personal data in compliance with the rights of consumers regulated by the Consumer Protection Act 2007 of the Republic of Ireland
• To undertake all necessary and appropriate technical and organizational measures for the purposes of preventing destruction, damaging or loss of the Purchaser's personal data

In compliance with the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 of the Republic of Ireland the Purchaser shall have the right to check his/her personal data stored with the Seller. The same may be undertaken by means of a written request to have personal data checked, and the costs of such request will be charged by the Seller in the amount of EUR 20 for each such request.


In the event any part of this General Terms and Conditions is considered null or unenforceable, the same shall not influence validity of the remaining parts of General Terms and Conditions which shall remain in force and have full legal effect.

For all issues not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions, LoveVibe Limited directs the Users of its website or Purchasers to contact it by e-mail address: support@lovevibe.eu

By accessing or using website www.LoveVibe.eu, the User confirms to have read, understood and to agree with all General Terms and Conditions of LoveVibe Limited, Confidentiality Statement, conditions of confidentiality of data and modes of use of website www.LoveVibe.eu.